Let’s hear it for big classes, so-so architecture, and an okay college fit.

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Even if you limit your college applications to in-state institutions, the SAT, GPA and essay gods have to be honored and appeased just like you were going all-out-Ivy-League.

I recently experienced a bout of PTSD (Post-Traumatic Scholastic Disorder), complete with flashcard flashbacks, memories of yo-yo-ing GPAs and the SAT nightmare…

Earth Mom supports us, comforts us, and looks fabulous on Instagram, so why are we ghosting her?

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I grew up with an on-again, off-again relationship with my Earth Mom.

We met in the Irish countryside when I was young and I was immediately smitten. She was lush, green, and beguiling. Not to mention the transfixing fragrances trailing after her.

I loved how she styled herself for the…

Jean Shortall-Roznik

Tri-citizen: Ireland, Canada, US. Mother, physical therapist, environmentalist, contrarian. Washington Post, Globe and Mail, Charlotte Observer, NPR.

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